Horia Hulubei Foundation

Horia Hulubei Publishing House

The Horia Hulubei Publishing House (HHPH) - in Romanian: Editura Horia Hulubei - has been established by the late Professor Mircea Oncescu in 1996, when the community of Romanian physicists celebrated the centennial of Horia Hulubei's birth. The establishment of this institution was intended as a homage to the memory of the founder of Romanian atomic physics.

The first title of the HHPH was "The concepts of the radiation protection", by Mircea Oncescu. In about two decades, the HHPH published about 20 books.

The Publishing House was registered in April 4, 2018, in accordance with the new regulations of book editing in Romania. It is hosted by the UNESCO Chair of the Horia Hulubei Foundation.

Recent titles

The most recent titles published by HHPH are:

1) Şerban Ţițeica: Modificarea rezistenței electrice a metalelor în câmp magnetic (2018)
ISBN: 978-606-94603-0-6 (print); 978-606-94603-1-3 (online)

2) Radu Dragomir: Fenomene de transport și dinamica de excitoni în doturi cuantice active optic
ISBN: 978-606-94603-2-0 (print); 978-606-94603-3-7 (online)

3) Ladislaus Bányai: Profile in motion
ISBN: 978-606-94603-4-4 (2018)

4) V. Barsan, V. Kuncser (Eds.): Proceedings of the International Workshop on Advances in Nanomaterials, Măgurele - Bucharest, September 17-19
ISBN: 978-606-94603-6-8 (2019)