Horia Hulubei Foundation



HHF has a publishing house, where several books on physics or history of science have been issued, and a periodical publication, Curierul de fizica (Website) (Physical Messenger).

Scientific events

For 2010, the HHF is involved in the preparation of the following scientific events :

  1. The Carpathian Summer School of Physics 2010, Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear/Particle Astrophysics (III) “From nuclei to stars”, June 20 – July 3, 2010, Sinaia, Romania ( Website )
  2. Workshop on high school physics: innovative teaching, hands-on science, gates to research, July 12 – 18, 2010, Seismologic Station Cheia ( Website )

For more recent activities, please consult the UNESCO Chair entry.

International activities

HHF has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Abdus Salam Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, aiming to foster the cooperation between Romanian scientists, Romanian institutions and ICTP. Inside the HHF, an informal group (which is not a juridical person), International Centre for Physics Bucharest ( Website ), has emerged, aiming to coordinate the main aspects of this cooperation. The ultimate goal of these efforts is the creation of an international institute, ICTP-RO, affiliated/associated with ICTP-Trieste.

The first institutional effect of the cooperation between ICTP and HHF is the establishment of a UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development through Research and Education in Modern Physics in Bucharest. The host institution is ICTP, and the implementing institution - the Horia Hulubei Foundation.